A Rich

Residential History

The founders of Berkshire Axis come from a rich history of building residences in the Greater Toronto Area for those who wanted something different. Berkshire Axis and the developers whose shoulders it rests on has always stood for high quality, innovative and smart design and attention to detail for our clients.

Founded by experienced developers of over 7,000 homes.

Shelves full of awards (including the 2016 BILD Award for Best High-rise Building Design) and a billion dollars in development investments behind them, Berkshire Axis represents decades of collective experience in understanding how to identify great opportunities and build high-quality, attractive homes.

With backgrounds earned in both the GTA and New York City real estate markets our team has developed a keen sense of what works (and what doesn’t) and how to most effectively deliver beautiful new communities – both horizontally and vertically.

All designed to feel like home, no matter what ‘home’ means to you.

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