We aim to leave a lasting positive impact both locally and globally. Here are some of our community partners.

At Berkshire Axis Development we believe we have the responsibility to give back to the communities that we help to create.

As a proud sponsor of Global Strides, an international charity striving towards raising funds to help the growth and sustainability of an orphanage in Kianyaga, Kenya; Berkshire Axis Development aims to build a better global future by investing in our youth. The orphanage, The Peaceful Children’s Home, was established in 2007 and is run in a family structure. There are currently two houses, each home to 8 children, with a live in “mother” that gives the children a sense of being in a family. In supporting the tireless work and care the orphanage and Global Strides provides, we ensure that the children not only have a safe and supportive childhood, but also have access to uniforms and schooling.

Surex Community Services is a community-based non-profit organization providing support and assistance for adults with developmental disabilities across the Greater Toronto Area. At Berkshire Axis Development, we believe that each and every person deserves a chance to be able to participate and flourish in their chosen community. By being able to support the amazing work that Surex does, we ensure that they can continue to help give a voice to those who may not always have one.